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Try our medicinal mushrooms and discover the benefits. Great in combination with microdosing.

La mejor tienda online para comprar kits de setas alucinógenas, cultivo y trufas magicás frescas


Recent Reviews

  1. Trufas mágicas Atlantis | 15 gramos

    Trufas mágicas Atlantis | 15 gramos

    Blissful experience
    After reading the comments I decided to go for the whole 15 grams... and I had a great trip. Just make sure you prepare the trip following the advice in
  2. Estera de calefacción

    Estera de calefacción

    Good but careful!
    This is necessary if you live in cold places but be careful you do not make it too hot! It had happened to me in the past. The problem is
  3. Encapsuladora | tamaño 0

    Encapsuladora | tamaño 0

    Very easy and intuitive
    I was afraid that at least one pill went catastrophic bad but no way. All of them went fine. Many another model for more pills at one try. Recommend for
  4. MycoMate® kit de cultivo B+

    MycoMate® kit de cultivo B+

    Nach nun Jahren lange Erfahrung bin überzeugt das es das Beste ist was es gibt
    Ich mache schon Jahre lang Erfahrungen mit den Pilzen. ... Bin zu 99% überzeugt davon...Bis auf kleine Mängel wegen Versand oder Schimmel. .Aber ist halt Natur. . Trotzdem Mega geil
  5. MycoMate® kit de cultivo B+

    MycoMate® kit de cultivo B+

    Overall Good Purchase
    I bought these as my first attempt at growing shrooms. I was overall happy with the process. This first sprouted many pins after about two weeks. Then it had one
  6. Mondo® kit de cultivo PES Amazon XL

    Mondo® kit de cultivo PES Amazon XL

    Very nice trip and yield !
    I have been growing different kind of strains but this one resulted in the biggest yield ! Around 700g fresh which resulted in 65g dry, total 5 flushes . Also

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